Color Guard


Color Guard

     Everyone interested in being a member of the color guard, please plan on being in Murray on Saturday Aug. 8th.  Members should have previous color guard experience.  Uniforms will be fitted and shoes will be ordered at camp.  Our goal is to learn all of pregame and 3 tunes worth of work before the 12th.

Hello everyone!! My name is Jackie Patterson; I am a senior Exercise Science Pre-Health Profession major at MSU, with the intent of becoming a physical therapist one day. I graduated from North Harrison High School, in Ramsey Indiana in 2012. This will be my 4th and final season in Racer Band, and my second season as a section leader of the beautiful RBCG. I am also a sister of Sigma Alpha Iota, the music fraternity on campus for women. I play the trumpet in the Racer Pep Band. I am also the PR Chair for Hester's RCC and the president of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars. Being in Racer Band has been some of the best times of my college career so far; this is where I meet the majority of my friends and where I feel at home. I hope all y'all feel the same, and if you have any questions feel free to call/text me at (812)-572-6184 or you can email me at  I look forward to getting to know everyone.  

Hi guys, my name is Lindsee and I'm a senior nursing major. I graduated from Lexington High School in Lexington, TN in 2012. This is my fourth year in Racer Band, and my first season as a Racer Band Leader. Racer Band Color Guard is where I met my current roommate and best friends, and I couldn't imagine being without them or RBCG. I look forward to making my last year of Racer Band memorable not only for me, but for everyone I get the chance to work with this year. My number is (731)845-4858 and my email is Don't hesitate to call, text, or email if you have any questions or concerns, and I look forward to meeting you all this August for band camp!

Hey everyone, I’m Allison! I’m a Biology/Pre-pharmacy major at Murray State University.  I’m originally from Madisonville, KY and graduated from Madisonville North Hopkins High School in 2014.  This is my second season in Racer Band and my first season serving as one of the Color Guard section leaders! In the last year I have also participated in the MSU symphonic band and Racer pep band.  I am also a member of Sigma Alpha Iota, the music fraternity for women at MSU.  It is super important to get involved during college and what better way than through music?! It is so much fun and definitely worth the time and energy you put into it! I am SO excited for the upcoming season and hope you are too! Great things are in store for Racer Band this year! If you have any questions or concerns; or if you just wanna talk, give me a call at (270)-584-4759 or send me an email at I’m happy to help in any way I can!:) Looking forward to August 8th.  See you then!!

2015 Guard Staff

"This is my seventh year serving as the caption head for the Racer Color Guard. I have previously marched with Eklipse from 2002-2003 and have helped teach at Calloway County High School with the color guard for the past 6 years.  I was surrounded with drum corps and dance at a very early age, as my older brother (Shane, percussion staff), marched.  I have also taken dance for ten years and have had the opportunity to teach dance for six years.  I taught one year of Intermix indoor guard as the dance instructor & have also helped with other indoor programs.  I am a former Racer Band member.  I graduated in May of 2011 from Murray State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.  I encourage you to be a part of Racer Band Color Guard, it's one of the largest organizations on campus & the definitely the most fun!"


This will be my third year assisting with the Racerband colorguard.  Before teaching the Racerband and Calloway County colorguards, I marched for three years in Racerband. I also performed with Music City Drum Corps in 2011 and with Spirit of Atlanta in 2012 and 2013. I graduated from MSU in May 2014 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Disorders and am currently in the graduate program for Speech-Language Pathology. I look forward to another year with Racerband!



Stephanie Smith will be the newest member of the RacerBand Colorguard Staff for the 2015 Season! She has been in RacerBand for 3 years, and will spend her fourth and final year teaching. Stephanie will be a sixth year Senior and a double major in Nonprofit Leadership Studies and Organizational Communication with a Music Minor.

She marched colorguard and winterguard for 5 seasons at Mt. Vernon High School in Indiana. She went onto to march with the Music City Drum Corps Colorguard in 2011, 2012, and 2013. Stephanie joined the Music City Colorguard Staff in 2014 as a flag technician with a speciality in flag technique.

She is honored and humbled to serve RacerBand as a Staff Member! Stephanie loves being at rehearsal and helping performers reach their full potential!

Online 2015 Color Guard audition submissions (Video)

For all rookies and veteran members


We have created a tutorial of the skills that we are asking you to perform. The video is posted on Youtube and can be found here:

Step 1

Please create a video that includes all of the skills listed below. You can either make one long video or shorter videos for each section that is listed below. It is important that each skill is performed to the music that is listed and that the skill aligns with the beat of the music.

  1. Introduction

    1. Name

    2. Past Colorguard Experience

    3. Why you want to be in RacerBand

  2. Movement

  3. Shut Up and Dance With Me by Walk the Moon

    1. 16 counts of Jazz Walk

    2. 16 counts of Jazz Run

    3. Chasse and Saute Combo on Right and Left

      1. Jazz Run (4 counts) Chasse Chasse Saute Saute

  4. Flag

  5. Demons by Imagine Dragon

    1. 100 Drop Spins on Right

    2. 100 Drop Spins on Left

  6. Budapest by George Ezra

    1. 2 sets of Pull Hits on Right

    2. 4 Single and Halves

    3. 4 Doubles

    4. 4 Regular 45’s

Step 2

We ask that you upload your videos to YouTube OR Google Drive and that the title of your video is your name followed by the skill you’re performing. (Example: Elizabeth Campbell - Flag or Elizabeth Campbell - Full Video)

Step 3

After you have created the video you will fill out this Google Doc that will contain your basic information and you will copy and paste the links to your videos in the document.

Google Doc Link:

Step 4

You’re finished! Once you have filled out and submitted the Google Doc, you will be sent 1 of 3 letters. You will either be offered a spot in the colorguard, asked to redo one or more skills, or you will not be offered a spot in the colorguard. No matter what the outcome is, we will offer constructive criticism and feedback.


The deadline for the Google Doc and Video Links to be submitted is Wednesday, July 1st. If this is a problem or concern, please feel free to contact us!


Your videos will be viewed and judged by the three staff members of the RacerBand Colorguard. We will be looking for performance and confidence, excellent technique, strong potential, and alignment of the skill with the beat of the music.


If you have any questions regarding the skills or technical problems uploading the videos please feel free to contact Stephanie Smith at or Leslie Goad at

Best of Luck!!

Having trouble getting a flag?