Racer Pep Band 

Practices start in Mid Oct (MONDAYS) 9-10pm @ RSEC

All announcements for Pep Band are made through that group

Please fill this out:  http://goo.gl/forms/JqTc2dnhOR

The 2015-16 Racer Pep Band is a completely optional activity, but regular attendance is expected from its members once the basketball season starts. For example, a person cannot attend a few practices in October, not attend any games in December and January, and expect to be able to attend games later in the season. You will be dropped from our records @ your 10th absence.

A point system is used to track attendance that determines who will be eligible to travel with the Pep Band to the OVC Tournament and NCAA Tournament (Boy's and Girl's). 

2015-16 Point system for OVC Travel 
There is a Maximum of 65 spots to travel to the OVC
1 point for each practice 
1 point for each boys game 
1 point for each girls game 
17 points to go to Nashville (There are a possible 31 points)
(if you can’t attend any holiday games--you can only miss 5 events)
Double headers are equal to two points
Due to OVC Rules ...we can only have 35 play at the OVC Championship
Several extra students will get to go on the trip (up to 30), but won’t be able to play

2015-2016 Stipends Points 
$35.00 per Holiday game will awarded (Per trip--double headers are only $35)
($15 cash and up to 20 dollars of gas $$)
(you must live farther than 20 miles away to get gas $$)
You will the max meal amounts when we travel to Nashville
If funds allow..we will get a special uniform (you can keep) for all the qualify fir Nashville

2015-2016 Point system for NCAA 
We can only take 29 members-NCAA Regulations 
We will take approx. 6 Woodwind, 6 tr (2 per part), 3 ml., 4 low brass, 3tb, 1perc
We add 1 point for each year of experience to your points 
We then consider instrumentation/Quality of players/your participation during game and Point Totals
1 point for each practice 
1 point for each boys game (when school is in session)
1 point for each girls game (when school is in session)
.25 Points for each Holiday game (double headers =.5) 
1 point for each year of experience

Your participation during games, cooperation, and ability to be responsible, can factor into our decision on who gets to go to the NCAA.  It usually takes 25-34 points to qualify for the NCAA (It is competition)

Holiday Games 
We must provide a pep band at all games
Each holiday games counts as a .25 Points towards NCAA (if you attend all 7 holiday games you get 1.75 NCAA points)
Any game that school is not in session is a Holiday game
Food(Pizza) will be provided for all holiday games & Double Headers

Music Department Concert Conflicts
If you are performing in an MSU music department concert the night of a game you will only lose partial credit for a game. You must notify via email prior to the absence regarding the conflict. To receive partial credit you must attend any part of the game(s) that doesn’t conflict with your performance. It is ideal to talk to Mr Fannin the day prior to agree on a schedule. You can receive up to 1 point for each game(s) that conflicts. This policy only applies to MSU Music Department Concerts (no other classes or rehearsals). In the past, some of our best players have not been able to be with us, due to their demanding performance schedule.  Complete this form to request a point:

Girls Games 
Pizza is provided at half-time of all girls games (that are double headers) 
You must arrive by the third media time to qualify for pizza 
(dead ball after 4 minutes)